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Best FREE Twitch Bots For Your Stream – Top 5

So, if your stream is finally starting to grow and get some viewers, its time to start making your stream more functional. So today we will be looking at the best free twitch bots for your stream.

It’s difficult to be interactive with your viewers, especially when your main focus is on playing the game you are streaming, hence the reason bots were created.

What Is A Twitch Bot?

Twitch bots are great for moderating and interacting with your viewers, when you dont have time to. It takes a bit of the pressure off you and can delegate some small tasks. You can use bots for a number of different tasks which can include engaging your viewers, informing them of giveaways or information on your gaming setup, and general moderating of your channel.

Its pretty normal to find bots in streams these days, but you need to make sure that you use the right ones for your stream, as all bots are different. Below you will find bots of all types, and best of all, they are all free.

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1. NightBot – Free

Without a doubt, the most popular chatbot on Twitch is Nightbot. This bot has a huge variety of functions and you can customize these options to your own fit. You may have noticed when you first signed up to Twitch, you can see from your dashboard that Nightbot is already available and ready to set up. Some of the features include
giveaways, song requests, timers, spam protection, chat logs and lots more. And the best part? It is completely twitch bots

2. StreamLabs OBS Chatbot (AnkhBot) – Free

A lot of streamers like to use StreamLabs with OBS (you can check out our How To Set Up StreamLabs With OBS). This bot is better than Nightbot, however it is a bit more complicated to use, however if you can get to grips with it, it has some fantastic features including chat, giveaways, commands, quotes, counters, moderation, mini games, notifications, sound effects and more. Again, like nightbot, it is completely free as long as you have StreamLabs for twitch bots

MooBot – Free

In terms of functionality, Moobot is very similar to Nightbot. Like the other two, its free to use. The dashboard is very clear and easy to use and the bot is great for increasing viewer engagement and getting them active. It is also great for dealing with trolls or scammers. Some of the features are spam protection, song requests, polls, giveaways, moderation and twitch bots

PhantomBot – Free

If you are looking for something a little more advanced, PhantomBot is the bot for you. PhantomBot is an open source bot which is consistently being updated by the community on a regular basis. Not only is it great for moderation, but it is great for entertainment too. With its easy to manage fire-up control panel and multiple options of integration, PhantomBot is a top choice. Some features include games, raffles, custom alerts, custom announcements, dashboard view, YouTube player and audio twitch bots

WizeBot – Free

Security is the primary feature of this bot. Wizebot is great for functions such as monitoring your stream, management, and security of your streaming with a wealth of tools at your disposal. With its main responsibilities being things such as scanning chat and sending sub notifications, with easy multiple integrations. Features include games and giveaways, notifications, random announcements, list of followers, subs and unfollows, virtual currency, custom commands, spam protection and screen overlays.
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