Hey, My name is Wilson Pereira! I’m 29, I’m from Portugal Madeira, but have lived almost all my life in Jersey Channel Islands! I’m a Brick and Block Layer with an amazing family of 3, wife to be ( very soon ) and my little 5 year old who is my everything!!

I started my gaming passion many many years ago starting on consoles and then switching to PC! Its something i cant live without at this moment in time! My first ever “online” and most favourite game must be “Metin2 Portugal” where i played a consistent 10+ years and met loads of good real life friends and where i have actually travelled to meet and get to know their family’s in which i am blessed for that!

Where would i like to be in a years time!? Well here at Cobalt being proud of what we as a team have achieved, and i would love to be streaming full time and being able to give my family a comfortable life style we all deserve! Through my partner i got to meet Recksy ( Jay ), which i can sincerely say is probably one of the best people you can ever meet in one life time! He introduced me to Cobalt Gaming and the owner Az, and there was no way i could ever say no to getting involved! I think i was one of the first streamers and our team has evolved soo much since then, which is incredible! We all treat each other with respect and we all act as a family!

Some of us might not have a perfect life, and we might even be going through a lot in our a personal lives, but here we have each others backs! We listen, we talk and we help each other! Even though gaming is our best hobby, and for some our work! The friends we meet along the way are the most important thing about what we do! And i am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of this amazing team and bunch of friends! OopZi out!

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