Hi Guys, thanks for checking out my profile!

My name is Jay Anderson, i go by the name of Recksy. I am born and raised in Jersey in the Channel Islands, just off the coast of the UK. I am ridiculously proud of where i am from, we have the most stunning beaches in Europe, some of the safest crime statistics, and the best people!

Im 34 years old (sad face), i have 3 amazing kids and a stunning wife who i have been married to for 13 years now. I consider myself a bit of an entrepreneur, i have started many businesses, my most successful business was a phone accessories business on Amazon in which i employed 9 staff at one point and made around £100k in our first year.

I now enjoy spending my time streaming and working on the progress of Cobalt Gaming as part owner of the organisation. I met Az (Cobalt owner) many years ago playing Call of Duty Gamebattles about 7 years ago.

From the age of about 9 or 10 i began playing Sega Mega drive games such as Ristar and Sonic. As i grew up i continued gaming through games such as Tony Hawks, Fifa, and Ghost Recon. After that i began playing CoD from around MW2, up until Advanced Warfare. Since AW i started to lose interest in CoD and moved onto games such as Apex and Fortnite. I now enjoy streaming games like Apex, Rogue Company, and the occasional PC games such as GTA V and League of Legends.

I started trading Forex around 2 years ago which has taught me a lot about myself and my own personal traits (i have no patience or discipline!). After blowing up my first account, i am now making a small but steady profit, mostly trading the GBP/USD.

If i could choose what my life would look like in a years time, i would be making a full time income from trading, while spending my spare time on Cobalt, streaming, and spending time with my family.

Thanks again for checking my profile, come and say hi on my stream and give us a follow on Twitter to keep up to date with everything!

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